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About us

ACS  - ​Accurate Cargo Service, we are FMC licsened NVOCC.

As a NOVCC, we handle all kind of transportation job as a normal forwarding company, such as Ocean FCL , LCL, Air shipment, Trucking, Warehousing etc. No big differences.

If others can do the same as ACS so why pick us over the others? Excellent question.

Here is the answer, we do have our own focus trade lane - China to U.S and U.S to China.

We not only have our focused trade lane, but also we stay focused on LCL shipment through this lane. No matter shipment is 0.1cbm or 100 containers, we will be able to handle shipments in most efficient way and provide you an unbeatable price.  We concentrate on one contact window for shipments, which means once booking is placed, you will only need to deal with one person for your document, customs and tracking until shipment is delivered to door. You will always have the first hand cargo update status.

If this is not enough for you to choose us, we do provide customs brokerage service in both China and U.S. in order to help on all different type of customs entries issue. Middle man in your trading business seems no meaning at this point as we have this advantage. For additional information, please feel free to contact our China or U.S. office, any of our staff will be more than happy to assist. The minute you dial our number or send us an e-mail, you are already our VIP.


​One of our keys to success is our staffs.

We have manager who have over 25 years experience in this industry.  We have staffs whom are from major CFS in U.S , etc.

With their collective knowledge of this industry, they developed our ADVANCE CARGO MANAGEMENT to make sure your shipment is in good hand. Through this system, you will find out there are more than 1 way to move your cargo and always more ideas for you to lower your transportation cost.

This system is designed for customer who has trading business between CHINA - US and US - CHINA. We realize the complicated Customs (both side) procedures are one of the challenges for both seller and buyer. 

Find out more from our website to see what we can do for you. For any case passed into our hand, to us its a project, so we will have complete shipping plan specifically designed to fit your needs.

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